Sex Tips On Keeping Your Spark Alive During Quarantine

Sex Tips On Keeping Your Spark Alive During Quarantine

MargoMay 30, 2020

Most of the country and even most of the world had been placed under stay-at-home orders or quarantine orders. While introverts may be enjoying the government-mandated solace, the Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on relationships. Any stressful situation can make small relationship weaknesses seem exceedingly larger than they genuinely are, and this pandemic is no different.

Many couples have been stuck in close quarters since the onset of the pandemic. On that same note, there are also those that are stuck apart. Many are working from home, trying to instruct the little ones, and generally live life as normally as possible, which is much easier said than done. According to recent polls, two-thirds of those who responded to the question have stated that being stuck in the house has put a damper on their relationship. Thankfully, there are ways to help keep the spark alive during the quarantine.

Understanding Why Relationships Are Suffering

The first step in keeping your relationship healthy is understanding why it may be suffering to begin with. There are no right or wrong answers, and there are also many factors that come into play when dealing with relationships. The most significant factors that affect relationships during quarantine boils down to stress levels, fear, and communication.

Couples with children and those without both are under massive amounts of stress, but the cause and management of those feelings differ in each type of household. It is critical for couples to take time to sit down and address the needs of the family and their own personal needs. Writing down a list of wants and needs is a great way to get a straightforward idea of where everyone stands. One of the biggest relationship disrupter is worry or stress which of course can easily lead to arguments that are blown out of proportion.

An atmosphere of fear will not foster feelings of affection or romance. The Covid-19 outbreak has increased the levels of fear in the entire population. Fear can frequently make people react with anger or to lash out even when their target is not at fault. This can test the bonds in a relationship if communication is not used effectively. Being worried about the future or the health of your family or loved ones is normal. Understanding and addressing these fears will help bring you and your partner closer together while also making your relationship more symbiotic.

Often people in relationships are unable to express their feelings in a way that their partner can understand. On the other hand, some people may not be as receptive to what their partner is trying to express. During a lockdown, stress levels are already high which makes it easy to have an emotional reaction while communicating instead of addressing a topic logically or with a level head. Nothing kills the spark in a relationship faster than constant bickering on unimportant matters.

Keeping Your Partner Happy During Lockdown

Making your relationship work is a two-person job. Couples are used to enjoying time to themselves during the day, such as going to the office or gym. With everything closed for safety, alone time has become nearly a thing of the past. When your partner spends time away from you, even inside the same home, it gives them a chance to miss your company. Alone time also allows each partner to reduce their stress levels and maintain some form of independence.

Communication also plays a big role in spending time alone. Make sure to voice your needs, in a loving manner. Try to be compassionate about your partner's needs and communicate your needs as well. The more you listen to each other, the higher chance you will maintain that spark that has made your relationship so strong.

Get Visual

Feelings and communication are important, but humans are also extraordinarily in tune and attracted to visual aesthetics. Many couples are experiencing much more intimacy during this pandemic, while others may have noticed their bedroom activities drop to near zero. 

Even if you and your partner are communicating well and have developed a system that gives you both the time and space you need alone, you can do more. The presentation has a lot to do with keeping the spark alive and drawing your partner’s interest. With most people no longer going into work, many have stopped putting in so much effort to maintain their appearance. While we agree that it is a good idea to stay comfortable while you are at home, dressing up can make a big difference in fanning the flames of attraction.

Getting dressed daily not only helps you to feel positive and more in control, but it will also keep your partner interested. Make fun and adventure a regular part of your relationship, especially when locking inside during quarantine. If date nights were a thing, you should go out of your way to make them happen even though you are stuck at home. Pick out something on Netflix, make a delicious meal, and wear some sexy lingerie under your dinner wear. That goes for the guys too, you never know just how excited your partner will become when you introduce creativity and playfulness into your alone time together.

Set Aside Time For Just The Both Of You

Desire is something that can fluctuate from day to day or even every hour. It is okay not to always be in the mood, but you can still have intimacy with your mate without intercourse. Remember, your body will always place survival over sex, so try to be understanding with each other to keep your flame burning brightly.

Learn how to relax with each other with no expectations. Share a cup of coffee, light some candles and reminisce, cook a meal, or even take a leisurely bath together. Turn off the computer, phones, and tablets and tune into each other fully. Creating a mood of concentrated favorable attention will not only reduce stress, but it will also increase the desire you have for each other. Setting aside time for each other is not the same as scheduling a date and time for sex, instead, it is just a time to be one with your partner regardless of the activity.

Get Creative With Your Partner

Sometimes that thrill that sparked like a wildfire simmers down to an everlasting burn, other times, stress, life, or illness can cause it to dwindle to a flickering flame. The spark that burns in your relationship also depends on how you view your partner overall. One way to stroke those fires during hard times to actively think about what brought you together in the first place.

Tense situations such as the current lockdown can make it easy to notice negative features, habits or actions. Make a conscious effort to overlook the negatives while focusing on the positive instead. Along with focusing on them, open up, and give your partner praise. This is a time of learning for both of you and instead of learning what you don’t like, discover new things to appreciate.

If sex has become routine, a bit on the dull side, or pretty much nonexistent, there are plenty of ways to spice things up. You can engage in erotic games with each other, try some sex toys for couples  for variety, or even just spend time pleasuring each other without going all the way. The point is to make pleasuring each other more a priority than the actual act of sex in itself. This will help both people to connect on an emotional level, which in turn will help turn up the flames of passion until they are piping hot.

Make sure to be affectionate all through the day and not only when you are seeking to be intimate with your partner. There is so much healing in a simple touch that it will remind you that you are genuine partners, not just people waiting out the storm together.

Final Sex Tips Notes

There is a lot more to love and intimacy than just keeping the flames of desire burning hot. The state of the word has couples and families alike on edge, but there are many ways to make the most out of the situation. Being stuck together at home is a great way to reconnect and fall in love with your partner all over again. With our suggestions above, you can keep your spark alive no matter what comes your way.