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Bachelorette Party Gifts | Bachelor Party Gifts

When your wedding is just around the corner, you are probably already bogged down with a million little things to do. Just because you are taking the plunge into wedded bliss, doesn’t mean that you can’t put aside a bit of time for a naughty bachelor or bachelorette party. Realistic Dildos is your one-stop shop for Bachelor party gifts or Bachelorette party gifts like favors, props, and erotic games to make your night before the big day a blast.

While we are sure you can get plenty of average party favors from your local decoration store, we offer a range of unique and decidedly naughty props to help set the tone. Once you have your guest list set and the invitations mailed out, now it’s time to have some fun.

Bride & Groom Essentials

Both men and women have pre-wedding parties these days, and we have goodies for both! For the ladies, we offer many styles of bride-to-be tiaras including those of the more daring design. Whether you want our simple veil or you want to go the rowdy with something like our pecker veil, we are here to please. A veil is a great way for everyone in the party to identify the bride if your party is outside, or in a private location. We also have matching sashes for the bride and her maids. Of course, we didn’t forget about the guys. Pick up a groom crown or tie to wear all night long as you carouse the night away before your big day.

Naughty Decor

What would a party be without a full range of decorations? Spice up your tables with erotic table covers that bring as many entertainments as they do arousal. We also have party lights, banners, and giant penis or boob shaped balloons to make an arousing night to remember. Our selection of party supplies will work for just about every theme you can imagine.

Just about all pre-wedding parties will feature some sort of drunken debauchery, and we want to make sure you have naughty accessories to help you get truly soused. We have wedding ring shot glasses, penis straws, boob straws, boob shot glasses, and much more. Whatever your party needs, we have it covered.

Girly Games & Manly Challenges

No naughty party is complete without a few sexy games to play among your guests. Play a game of ring toss with an adult twist with our Pecker Ring Toss game. Not only is it a fun game, but it is sure to get your juices flowing as the night goes on. The men will love to play a game of catch the boobie with our inflatable boobie beach ball. Blow it up and bounce it around the room for a night of laughs and arousal. You can even make a game out of your drinking fun with our suck and squirt drinking game. Find out just how much you or your friends can swallow! We have loads more to offer, so mosey on over to our party section to see what’s in store.