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Buy Dildos discreetly online at Browse hand-picked styles from colorful creations to realistics dildos, from the budget minded to premium quality. 

Finding The Perfect Dildo

The realistic penis shaped dildos is our top suggestion for women looking to recreate the feel of sex. These eternal erections come in a variety of textures, from soft and life like for intimate, erotic lovin' or vigorous sex. The premium luxury brands have shafts & testicles with anatomically correct detail and dual density silicone skin. Find the best dildos on our website

Real Skin dildos are crafted with the most advanced ultra soft silicone blends to re-create an accurate life like feel. It's incredible how high the level of realism has evolved over the past decade. The premium realistic models feature a dual density surface with 2 layers of construction. The bottom silicone layer is denser and the top layer is malleable so when you stroke the shaft, the surface moves and feels like the skin on a real penis.


Strap On Dildos

Buy online discreetly dildo attachments. Many strap on harnesses feature a rubber or metal O ring that can hold other penis dildos, and couples often visit to look for a new dildos because we have an entire category dedicated solely to this style. The ultra soft style does not work quite as well as one that's firm because a stiffer shaft helps to make penetration easier. Yes, you can use a soft shaft, but it requires more maneuvering and some couples find it distracting. Pick a firm penis replica and don't worry about needing to use your hands.


Specialized Dildos for Women

Squirting dildos are a unique option built with an internal reservoir, tubing and hand bulb that squirts liquid to imitate ejaculation. Suction cup dildos are increasing in popularity so much that most new styles have a suction cup included on the bottom. This style sticks to the bathtub, floor or wall. The act of bouncing up and down on a wall dildo provides an erotically charged view for the partner and a is naughty, playful act that couples everywhere are trying. One with balls is easier to hold and testicles make it look more lifelike. They are harness compatible too since the circular base fits inside the O ring to hold the dildos shaft in place. 

Curved dildos is an excellent choice for female G-spot stimulation. Sure we all appreciate a g-spot vibe, but the realistic curved g-spot dildo is a rarity. Double ended dildos have dual heads, sure they take up more space in your adult toy box, but they're an exciting dildo for couples who like kinky and adventurous sex play. Ladies like them for solo use because not only does it make her feel extra naughty, but they're easy to hold. We feature dildos of all skin color tones including Caucasian, brown, Latin and black dildos. 

The majority of customers purchase large & thick shafts because the typical usage is for fantasy fetish vagina stuffing sex. Buying a replica bigger than a typical man's erection lets a lady secretly be naughty in her bedroom. We speak of "indulging in a secret fantasy", and a thick, chunky & oversized fake penis shaft is the pinnacle of it all. If you prefer something a little more sedate, we specialize in slim & small dildos for beginners. First timers and seniors prefer the small, thin shafts as they offer a more delicate and gentle sexual experience. The small dildos are all hand selected to assure any newbie won't be scared of their pick!


What Materials are Most Dildos Made Of?

The reliable rubber shaft remains the best selling material, probably because the price point is typically lower so it offers the best value for the dollar. Silicone Dildos feel the most realistic whereas rubber dildos look the most realistic. Rubber is a firmer material therefore the real human penis detail can be captured down to the tiniest wrinkle and dimple. Silicone is a softer and more malleable material therefore it cannot hold the visual detail as well. If you seek the most life like feel, silicone is the best choice. For the most realistic appearance, rubber is the top choice. 

Gel or Jelly Dildos can be soft and squishy or solid and hard. The densities vary greatly, so describe the feel and texture in each product description and uploaded photos with a hand holding the toy to better demonstrate size and flexibility. It's time to re-think the jelly dildo, they are made of body safe, non-toxic materials. Many gel dildos are unscented, modernized and safe to use. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the completely solid glass dildo provides a unique experience. The smooth glide and heavy weight are unlike any other style. Glass Dildos is a popular choice for adults who may be bored with using the same style over and over and want something snazzy.


Dildos For Men

Dildos are not just for women anymore, both straight and gay men enjoy these too, so check the dildos for men section for pegging & prostate dildos. 

One of the hottest trends that's booming in popularity right now is the pegging dildo. This is the act of anal penetration using a thin probe. Pegging is another kinky couples activity enjoyed together. Pegging strap on kits are the best choice because you can add any attachment later on, and some couples use it like a trainer to slowly increase size during anal play. 

If you have additional questions or are unclear about any of the descriptive text on the product pages, please call or email us. We're always happy to help you find the best dildo you'll love.