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Lubricants and Oils

Fun without friction feels so, so good! Our everyday and playful, sensual sex lubricants and oils offer excitement and pleasure with a partner or on your own.

With our selection of intimate lubricants, sensual oils and stimulating creams. You can heat things up with our range of warming lubricants or chill things down with our cooling lubricants.

When you’re shopping for sex toys and vibrators, it’s easy to forget little things like lube. But sex lubes are much more important than you might realize. Sex lubes keep everything running smoothly and comfortably, whether you’re using a male masturbator or a dildo. Lubes are an absolute necessity when it comes to many sex toys, including anal beads, butt plugs, strokers and more. Picking the right sex lube can even enhance your sex toy’s effectiveness and your personal experience.