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Masturbation Aids

Masturbation aids are a great way to help you boost your sexual performance, try new types of stimulation, explore your orgasmic response and learn new ways to pleasure yourself or others. While there is a good reason for all the hype, knowing how to go about shopping for masturbation aids can get confusing quickly.

Choosing A Male Masturbation Aid

When it comes to male masturbation aids, there really isn’t that much to choose from in terms of HOW ejaculation will be achieved. Obviously, there will be some form of stroking or up and down motion which will result in a happy ending. That being said, a vast number of options to choose from to get you there.

Masturbation sleeves are one type of aid that not only will bring pleasure, but it will also help improve overall performance. Many sleeves have different texture options and some even can be used for temperature play.

You will also need to consider that what you see has a lot to do with how much pleasure you will get from a masturbation aid. This is one of the main reasons that male masturbation aids come in so many design options. You can choose those that look like lips, an anus or a vagina. If none of those options are preferable, there are even aids that are completely neutral.

The material of your masturbation aid will also play a big role in how much pleasure is derived from it. Almost all aids have a soft texture. Some are made from materials that simulate skin such as TPE while others are made from jelly. There are a limited number of silicone aids, however, these are harder to fit a specific person since the material is not very stretchy.

As with anything new, it is important to try a variety of options to see which one suits you the best.

Choosing A Female Masturbation Aid

When choosing masturbation aids for women, there are few more angles to think about than with men. Women may need penetration or vibration, or even both. There is a lot of aids for women to peruse, and shopping for the best one depends on what she finds arousing.

Vibrators are a great way to accomplish external masturbation either alone or with the help of a partner. Some women like hard and fast vibrations while others may prefer soft and slow. Of course, there are no rules when it comes to erotic play so consider buying a toy that offers a range of vibrations and adjustable speeds.

Female masturbation aids can target all of the erogenous zones, including the nipples. Soft suction on the nipples paired with gentle vibration can help you, or your partner achieve higher levels of pleasure than with simple vaginal masturbation aids alone.

For women who love penetration, nothing beats a realistic dildo to help her achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Dildos are available in diver range of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. You can find small dildos for anal play, large dildos to full you up, curved dildos to hit your g-spot and even double dongs that can tickle both holes at once.

As with anything new, it is important to try a variety of options to see which one suits you the best.

Real Masturbation Aids

If you are in the market for masturbation aids, we have a wide assortment to choose from. We offer aids for both men and women to use alone or with a partner. Check out our website to find out more.