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Nipple Clamps

There is more to sex than just getting in and getting the deed done. Of course, if you are on our website then you are already interested in making your bedroom play more enjoyable, by adding toys to your adventures. While sex toys remain an extraordinary way to maximize your partner's pleasure, nipple clamps shouldn’t be overlooked either. 

Did you know the clitoris and the nipples both stimulate pleasure in the same part of the brain? Your nipples of one of the most stimulating erogenous on the body and deserve just as much attention as other areas during your bedroom play. We have a few suggestions that will help you choose a stimulating nipple toy to bring an extra level of heat to your bedroom and your orgasms. 

Nipple Clamps

Clamps may seem like they would only bring pain and very little in the way of pleasure, however they are easily customizable in a way that makes them work well for the person wearing them. Take, for example, our Nipple Play Chain Crystal Nipple Clamps, they can be loosened or tightened according to your desired intensity. This is a great way for beginners to get into the world of nipple stimulation. Nipple clips like our Sex & Mischief Spears even have soft pads for extra comfort. Clamps and clips alike allow for super stimulation by temporality restricting the blood flow and then returning it when you remove them. This often leads to such intense stimulation that nipple-gasm’s are not far off. 


Nipple Suckers
Nipple suckers are an excellent way to allow your mouth to wander elsewhere while still providing stimulation. Suckers like our  Fetish Fantasy Squeeze n’ Pleasure is a classic toy that you can add to your bedroom play, or you can get a bit more fancy with our Max Twist Nipple suckers if you want stronger more consistent suction that will last all night long. No matter which one you prefer, they will all increase the flow of blood to this delicate area making them more sensitive and heightening your arousal. 

Nipple Vibrators

If you though vibrators were only for the clit, then you will be amazed when you try our vibrating nipple suckers. The sucking action paired with the vibrating motion mimics the feel of real oral sex. Most of our vibrating nipple suckers have multiple settings that allow you to adjust your intensity according to your desire. We also have clamps that vibrate, such as our Adam & Eve Vibrating Nipple Clamp which will give you the best of both worlds. If you are into temperature play, then you can even try out our vibrating heated nipple stimulators for an extra boost to your stimulation exploits. 


Nipple Gels & Creams

If you aren’t quite ready for clamps, clips, or suckers then gels or creams might be the way to go. We have an extensive selection of stimulating creams that will cause your nipples to tingle and buzz. Our Naughty Nibblers line of balms will help heighten your arousal while additionally offering an alluring aroma to your sensual adventures. 

Any of these nipple stimulating options are sure to be a hit in the bedroom, so what are you waiting for?