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Penis Rings | Cock Rings

When it comes to sex aids there are a lot of things on the market to choose from, however, one of the classics is a simple cock rings or penis rings.  Cock rings like our Kings Diamond Crown are some of the best toys for your bedroom that can really amp up your erotic experience. Are you confused about what cock rings or penis rings or how to use one? Never fear, is always here to help you get your happy ending.

What are Penis Rings or Cock Rings?

Penis rings are a sexual aid that is used to restrict the flow of blood to the penis, while that may seem counterproductive, it is just the opposite. Cock rings help you to maintain an erection much longer which can lead to heightened pleasure for both you and your partner. Cock rings like our Double-O rings will help make your erection harder and bigger.

Are Penis Rings Safe?

Putting anything around your cock can seem sketchy, but as long as you use them properly not only are they safe, they are orgasm-inducing! Make sure to follow these simple rules.

Proper fit- Just like condoms there are different cock ring sizes. Choose a size that comfortable rolls over your penis and settles with a snug fit, NOT a fit that makes you numb.  Beginners should opt for adjustable cock rings like our Leather Stretcherwith buckle.
Shave- Shaving is important, after all, there is nothing more painful than getting hair stuck and rolled in the cock ring.
Wearable limit- Cock rings do restrict blood flow, so it is important to pay attention to how long you wear them. The upper limit is 20 -25 minutes at a time, then you should take it off to allow your penis to recover. Wearing it too long can cause permanent damage.

Now that you are ready to take your bedroom play to the next level, we have a few tips on the best way to put on and use your new cock ring.

How to Put On a Penis Ring or Cock Ring

There are two basic types of a cock ring. One is the simple shaft cock ring like our Stay Hard Double loop, the other is a cock and ball ring like our Triple Threat Ball & Cock ring. Both are easy to put on and will give you the boost you need to last all night.

  • Lubricant – Use a lubricant that is water-based and apply a small amount to the inner part of the cock ring. The lubricant will help you to slide the ring over your shaft with little to no friction.
  • Softness- It is important that your penis is flaccid when you are putting your cock ring on. An erect penis will prevent proper sizing and it will be painful to try to force a small ring over a large erection.
  • Positioning- Slide the cock ring to the base of your shaft and slowly stroke yourself to an erection. The ring should sit at the base of your shaft comfortably, but slightly tighten as your penis becomes hard. If there is discomfort or if the ring feels too tight, you need to loosen it or choose the next size up.
  • Cock & Ball – A cock and ball ring follows the same directions, only the ring will need to be applied to your testicles prior to your penis. Gently insert your ball sacs one at a time into the ring while letting the ring rest near the area of your scrotum. After your balls are comfortably incensed, fold the head of the penis through the ring and roll into place at the base of your shaft.
Have Fun!

Remember to only wear either form of a cock ring for no longer than 25 minutes at a time. Even though some packages may state that cock rings can be worn for an hour, keep in mind they cause a constant erection. Allowing the blood to properly circulate on a regular basis will ensure that your erotic play is safe and stimulating for both parties.

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