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Sex Toys for Couples

Listed on are some exciting ideas for sex toys for couples. Couples who are looking to ramp up the pleasure and intimacy in the bedroom can think about adding couples sex toys to their bedroom play. While sex toys are available for men and women alike, the ones made to share can turn a night of sexy fun into a wild evening filled with erotic passion. Sharing sex toys with your partner is a great way to add adventure to your relationship while also showing that you are open to new things.

Cock Ring & Vibrator Duo

Is it a G-spot vibrator or is it a vibrating cock ring? Guess what, this lovely couples erotic toy is actually both! This couples toy is perfect for men who want to stimulate their partners g-spot while also increasing the pleasure felt around the ball sacks.  It’s so versatile you might not need anything else!


Commercial videos will make you think that all you have to do is stick it in to make her cum but women most often need a bit more than simple penetration in order to reach an orgasm. Vibrators are the perfect toy to add to your penetrative play to ensure that she hits the big O every time. Short or long handles, hard or soft material is the perfect way to tease her clit regardless of what position you prefer, it won’t be a distraction from the main attraction- YOU!

Bullet Vibrators

The bullet is a tried and true sex toy that has been helping couples enjoy each other all night long for years. It is the perfect size to slip in your pocket or purse for easy traveling erotica but it packs the perfect punch you need to rattle the walls and wake the neighbors.

Sexy Lingerie and Costumes

Vibrators and creams are great to bring the heat to your night tie activities but sometimes a sexy outfit or costume is what you need to bring your pleasure to an all new level. Our sexy lingerie and costumes are the perfect way for couples to explore each other and experiment with erotic sensations. Instead of a quick hard bang, drawing out your pleasure with a slow sexy looking tease is sure to keep your body thrumming with pleasure all night.

C- Shape Vibrator

C-Vibrators have been around forever with good reason. These clever devices are the perfect shape to fit snugly against your woman’s  G-spot while hugging her clit at the same time. This classic is thin enough to wear during penetration making it the perfect toy to please you both with its gentle vibrations that are aimed to ramp your pleasure up to the max.

Sex Toys for Couples Summary

Strap on dildos are the most typical style of couples sex toy simply because it takes two people to use one, but expand your horizons a little more and discover why a vibrator is the best sex toy for couples to use in the bedroom. It's all about incorporating the toy into foreplay. Another example is a small clitoral toy; great for helping the woman orgasm multiple times during foreplay so when the time comes for intercourse, the sensation in her body is simply stellar. 

Nipple clamps, suckers and vibrators are a fun, sexy accessory - a light pinch or suction on the nipple enhances foreplay. Your partner will enjoy the sight of the dangling clamps too! A little on the kinkier side, bondage restraints are common in bedrooms across America, especially after the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey book and movie series were released. Vibrating penis rings and penis sleeves are an exciting sexual aid, they both slide onto the man's erection and stimulate the partner during sex. The penis sleeve add a nice padded feel, extra length and some even vibrate. 

Dildos may be for women, but we suggest that partners use them together. It's a delightful experience to watch your partner reach a powerful orgasm from a vibrating dildo or bullet stimulator toy. A partner and wife can use a small stimulator before intercourse, partner holds it on her clitoris and it helps her relax, so when it comes time for any penetration, it feels so welcome in her vagina. Romantic or kinky sex games and adult novelties like sex dice or oral sex enhancers make fun sexy gifts to turn the affair into an entire night of romance and erotic fun. With the huge selection of sex toys for couples, your love life will only get better! Visit our website for some of the best sex toys for couples in the market.