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Sexy Lingerie and Costumes

When you are in the mood for something different, a little bit of sexy lingerie or naughty costumes can go a long way. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to choose what may work best for your personality as well as what will please your partner. To help you get the best outfits to match with your sex toys. We have put together an easy to understand guide of some of our best women’s sexy lingerie.

Different Body Types

Every woman is beautiful and unique in their own way. It’s important to choose a sexy garment that will look best on your body that will also be comfortable to wear during your erotic play.

Choose According to Your Personality

Just as each person has a different body shape, they also have different taste and preferences.  The sexy lingerie or costume you choose should make you feel sexy, empowered and confident. Think about your personality, are you flirty? Sporty? Or feminine?

To do this, you must think about what kind of personality you have. Are you feminine? Each of these will prefer a different type of sexy lingerie, and it is up to you to find out which is for you.

Structured Lingerie

For bold women who want to sculpt and show off their curves, structured sexy lingerie is perfect the traditional seductive look. If you have any problem areas that you want to hide or if you just want to enhance your figure, this is also a great option.

  • Basque – These look like a corset but have cups that are made from lacy frill. They tend to have bones to enhance the look of your waste.
  • Bustier – These also resemble corsets but don’t hold in your waist. If you want to get the look without the constriction, this is a good choice.
  • Corset – These will increase the look of your chest and decrease the look of your waistline. Very sexy and seductive for just about any woman. The Vintage Allure Corset is a sexy option you might want to check out.
  • Corselette – These are intended to boost your chest, smooth your belly and make your butt pop. They come with boning and elastic.
  • Merry Widow – Merry widows are cup less pieces with built-in suspenders you can use to attach to stockings, like our Pure Bliss Merry Widow. These are perfect for women with fetishes or have more risky lingerie taste.

Unstructured Lingerie

If you are looking for something playful and flirtatious, unstructured lingerie is a less restrictive option.

  • Babydoll – Babydolls, such as our Love Affair Connection Baby Doll Lingerie. This will draw attention to your legs and chest giving you a youthful appeal that will drive your partner wild.
  • Flyaway – Flyaways are similar to but much more erotic and have cuts to show off your assets.
  • Chemise – These are great for all body shapes with their simple tailoring and loose fit. Our French Mese Chemise can even be used as loungewear on a cozy evening.
  • Cami Sets – Cami sets are sexy camisoles sold with that come with matching shorts or knickers, which highlight all the erogenous zones.
  • Teddy – These playsuits are one-piece lingerie that is made to please. These suite athletic and curvy figures very well, and have an exposure range from demure to extremely erotic.
  • Body – Our one-piece suits like (linked product), combine bikini style briefs and a vest top. If you want to show off your curves without too many pieces, this is just the thing for you.

Hosiery & Stockings

Stockings have the ability to make every type of lingerie look sexy.

  • Hold-Ups – These are thigh-high stockings that have elastic or gripping silicone tops that help them stay in place. There are many styling options of Hold Ups.
  • Suspender Stockings – These pair perfectly with a sexy corset to attach them to, just like shown here- Lace Body Suspender Stockings. You can match them to the color or choose a contrasting color according to your preference.
  • Suspender Belt – Known commonly as garter belts, these are used if you don’t plan to attach your stockings to a corset.
  • Body Stocking – If you want to skip the outfit altogether, you can opt for a full body stocking like our Fishnet Body Stocking. They are made from the same fabric as stockings and cover the whole body. We have regular and crotchless for easy access.


Knickers are is a good way to get a sexy look without investing a lot of money. They range from the tame to the taunting all to suit your personal style.

  • Short & Briefs – These are pretty basic in that they cover you pretty well but can be flirty or simple.
  • G-String – A G-String is close to a thong, but there is a sting in your rear instead of fabric coverage. This gives you a very revealing bedroom look like shown with our Allure Pixie G-String Panty.
  • Thong – These are just like g-strings but have more fabric in the back allowing you to display your sweet cheeks to their best advantage.

No matter what lingerie style you have in mind, we have a selection of erotic wear that will meet your needs. We love to help you and your partner bring your erotic fantasies to life.